We aim to do this by:

Provide quality, affordable, flexible services for families in our community to meet their changing needs.
Provide an environment which is welcoming, safe, stimulating, fun, child centred and reflects the needs and protects the rights of the children.
Promote all services to all persons without distinction of gender, race, political, sexual orientation or religious beliefs
  • Ensuring staff members are enthusiastic, motivated, good role models who also continue to develop themselves professionally
  • Supporting young people and their families by developing partnerships with parents and other agencies
  • Give children a high quality of care by regularly reviewing policies and procedures to develop and improve practice whilst supporting children and families to be included in developing the work of the services
  • Provide equal opportunities for all children and families
  • Provide a continuity of care throughout our services
  • Guide children to respect themselves and others
  • Provide children with opportunities to participate in activities and energetic play indoors and outdoors
  • Promote children’s self-esteem by displaying their work and photographs, and recognising personal achievements